Public Works

Roadmaster: Mike Graby

Part time Employees:   
Arthur (Ed) DeMille      

Robbie Mease

Jeff Brown       

Leslie Kegerries

James Seger

The Bethel Township Public Works Department has numerous responsibilities in Bethel Township such as road maintenance (paving and repair), snow removal, mowing along roadways, road sign replacement and repair, culvert pipe maintenance, tree and debris removal from roadways etc.         

Bethel Township Roadcrew employees operate multiple types of equipment.  They are on call and have to respond to a variety of occurrences within the Township no matter what time of day it is.   They always need to be equipped and ready to get the job done.  Snowstorms and flooding happens, trees fall and block roadways.  With Bethel Township being a rural township maintaining of brush, trees and grass is in constant need to keep our roadways and intersections as safe as possible.   If you need to get in touch with our Public Works Department please contact us at 717-933-8813 or email

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